Caring for Your Electroformed Jewelry

General care:

Avoid swimming or showering with jewelry on. Remove rings before washing hands. If needed your jewelry can be cleaned with a gentle liquid soap and then patted dry. Be careful not to rub too hard - with enough abrasion your patina could wear off, so take care with more colorful pieces and the patina should last indefinitely. Jewelry can be lightly buffed with a jewelry polishing cloth, however with proper care it should keep its luster for years.


For my more intricate pieces, be careful of snagging! I'm a fairly rugged person and work hard to make even my more delicate pieces rugged as well. However, pieces that have a lot of parts, sprays of leaves with lots of small twigs, many chains or ring connections should be worn with extra care. These are wearable art pieces 💚 Even still, They are probably not as delicate as you think. If you have any problem with your jewelry though, please reach out. 

For those with metal sensitivities:

all of my ear wire metal is hypoallergenic. It's either .925 sterling silver, 14-18k half filled, or nickel free brass. My goal is to keep cost down for both sides, but if you cannot use half filled wire, reach out to me for options. 

All of my rings are given a protective coating to prevent the the green reaction that occurs with some people. Rarely some people's fingers will still turn green, It is okay to put a coating of clear nail polish on the band and the underside of the ring, Just don't put it on the top of the foliage.